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Current version 2008.3.1.38
July 17, 2009
X-Backup is a powerful, versatile and easy to use backup software. Based on our former Backup-2006 Studio, X-Backup allows you to define a strong backup strategy.

X-Backup is able to create classic archive file in zip file format and disk partition image.

X-Backup is able to copy or backup open files even locked by another application. It is fully compatible with the Microsoft's Sadow Copy technology.

X-Backup is built using Microsoft Office 2007 navigation scheme and skins.

The Backup geography gives you an instant view of your backup storage

Backup timeline for monitoring backup jobs done and next running scheduled tasks.

Backup report to get the status of each backup job.

With X-Backup you can back up your data to any kind of destination device : hard disk, external USB hard disk, writable CD-DVD or network drive.

X-Backup is able to upload your archive files to a
FTP or HTTP server.

The backup definition is set up through a wizard. Definition can be saved as a standard profile to be reused later for another backup definition.

Options are limited to the essential but include the ability to
encrypt backup with a 256 bits AES encryption key.

retention period helps you to manage archive files and remove automatically all out of date files

X-Backup is built in
verify function.

X-Backup open file function can open any archive file (zip file compatible) and restore any file to the original destination or to a selected one. A search function lets you to locate any file or group of files in archive file.

Quick Synchronize function allows you to synchronize 2 folders. The synchronization function supports network folder.